Tuesday, February 18, 2014

5 Tips on Applying for a Job in Digital Marketing

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Recently I have been working on recruitment for a new PR Exec role over at my digital marketing agency, Webscape Marketing.

It's been a little while since we recruited in earnest and a few things have struck me about the way in which jobseekers apply for a role in digital and what they can do to increase their chances of getting noticed.

So I've put together the following tips...

5 Digital Marketing Jobseeker Tips

  1. Don't reproduce your whole CV all over again on your covering letter or email. Your letter should tell us in a nutshell why you think you would be great for the job, what you know about us and the role, and pick out a few RELEVANT key points to back up your application. Don't list everything you've ever done, that's what the CV is for. 
  2. On your application email or CV make clear your availability for interview and for starting the role. If we are in a rush to find someone, if you can start immediately it could push you to the top of the pile.
  3. Make sure you are on LinkedIn and make sure your profile is complete then add a bit.ly link to it on your CV. If you want to work in digital you have to accept that employers will want to check out your LinkedIn so you use it as an opportunity to demonstrate you are on the ball. Whilst on that subject we would never consider it ethical to look you up on Facebook but I know other employers do so make sure your privacy settings are locked down if you don't want the world to hear about your private life.
  4. Put your most recent work experience first on your CV. Sounds simple but you'd be amazed!
  5. Lots of people want to work in the newly developing digital field and so its fine to apply for a digital role you if maybe don't have direct experience, we almost expect as much. BUT, if you don't have an obvious digital background then you need to let us know why we should consider you. Have you run a blog, use social media, run a Facebook Page or just really, really interested in digital? If so then tell us!
So hope that helps you get that job in digital, although hopefully most of these tips apply to the non digital sector as well.

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